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The Ultimate Divi Resource Page is a collection of some of the most useful Divi resources we have found. These are all resources I refer to, refer others to and highly recommend. I will be adding to it over time but be sure to bookmark this page for great resources for Divi users.

Disclosure: Please note that although most of these links are free resources that I use on a regular basis some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  

Free Divi Support

Divi Theme Documentation –

Divi Theme Preview –

Facebook Groups Dedicated to Providing Divi Support

Elegant Themes User Community  (our very own group)

Divi Theme & Extra Help & Share

Divi Theme Tutorials

Elegant Themes – Divi Users

Divi Theme Examples

Divi Developer

Divi Evolve

Divi Freelancers For Hire

Divi Child Theme and Plugin Shops/Marketplaces

Monterey Premier – A New Marketplace for Divi Child Themes & Plugins

Divi Space – A Marketplace for Divi Child Themes, Plugins, Learning Content and More

A Girl and Her Mac – Premium Divi Child Themes by Leslie Bernal

Sunflower Blog Designs – Premium Divi Child Themes by Tammy Grant

Aspen Grove Studios – Divi Child Themes and Plugins

Elegant Child Themes – Divi Child Themes by Nathan Duvall and Friends

Divi Theme Examples – Free Divi Child Themes by Craig Longmuir

Creative Child Themes – Premium Divi Child Themes by Fabio Sarcona

The Design Space Co – Premium Divi Child Themes by Melissa Love

Divi Booster – A Powerful Plugin for Divi by Dan Mossop

Divi Soup – Divi Child Themes by Michelle Nunan

Divi Creative – Find inspiration for your Divi projects – Divi Child Themes & Plugins

More Divi Tips, Tutorials & Resources

Divi Space – Divi Tutorials, Plugins and Resources – Divi theme tips and tricks from the creator of the Divi Booster Plugin

Divi Theme – Divi websites showcase, resources and more
Divi Layouts | Divi Theme – A collection of useful Divi layouts to load from your Divi library – Divi Theme Tutorials and Resources

Creative Child Themes – Divi tutorials, snippets, inspiration & freebies by Fabio Sarcona – Divi websites showcase, blog, freebies and more

Divi Soup – Divi tips, tricks and resources by Michelle Nunan

Divi Magazine – Tips and tricks, tutorials and hacks that can be done with Divi

Divilicious – Divi Theme Exploration Tutorials

Elegant Enthusiast – More Divi tips & tricks

Elegant Tweaks – More Divi tips & tricks – More Divi theme customization resources – More Divi theme customization tutorials

Elegant Divi – All the Free Divi Layouts from Elegant Themes in One Easy Place – Tips, Tricks, Freebies & More— for Your Divi Website – Divi and Elegant Themes News, Tips & Tricks

Divi Videos

Elegant Themes YouTube Channel – The official ET YouTube channel with Divi Nation Podcasts, tutorials, site makeovers and more.

Divi Tutorials – by Elegant Themes

Divi Tutorials – by Divi Life

Divi Nation Episodes

Divi Nation, Episode 1 — Successful Solopreneurship with Eileen Lonergan

Divi Nation, Episode 2 – Unlocking the Good Life with Divi ft. David Blackmon

Divi Nation, Episode 3 – Storytelling Design ft. Melissa Love

Divi Nation, Episode 4 – Mastering the Final 5% with SJ James

Divi Nation, Episode 5 – Building an Effective Personal Brand with Phil Simon

Divi Nation, Episode 6 – Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz

Divi Nation, Episode 7 – Building Your Sales Funnel with Andrew Palmer

Divi Nation, Episode 8 – Creating a Customer Care Centered WordPress Business with Nathan Duval

Divi Nation, Episode 9 – Transitioning from Web Designer to Digital Strategist with Marie Poulin

Divi Nation, Episode 10 – Creating Customer Journeys with Julie Hall

Divi Nation, Episode 11 – Filtering Out Problem Clients with Leslie Bernal

Divi Nation, Episode 12 – How to Work Smarter, Save Money, & Live Better with Sarah Oates

Divi Nation, Episode 13 – Following Your Bliss with Dave Cahill

Divi Nation, Episode 14 – Playing the Long Game with Tammy Grant

Divi Nation, Episode 15 – Building & Launching Productized Services with Tim Strifler

Divi Nation, Episode 16 – Interview with David Bisset, WordCamp Miami Organizer

Divi Nation, Episode 17 – Brian Gardner on Breaking Through the Wall & Living With No Sidebars

Divi Nation, Episode 18 – Do Less Sooner & Other Great Advice from Pippin Williamson

Divi Nation, Episode 19 – The Benefits of Freelancing for Design Agencies with Amber Weinberg

Divi Nation, Episode 20 – Investing in the WordPress Community with Matt Cromwell

Divi Nation, Episode 21 – Free Divi Code Snippets & More by Andy Tran

Divi Nation, Episode 22 – Community Q&A with Nick Roach, Founder & CEO of Elegant Themes

Divi Nation, Episode 23 – Growing a Photography Business with Divi & Extra

Divi Nation, Episode 24 – Establishing a Workflow for Distributed Design Teams with Cory Jenkins

Divi Nation, Episode 25 – Developer Thierry Muller on Creating Divi 3.0, Quality Code, and WordPress Community

Divi Nation, Episode 26 – Lead Designer Mario Maruffi on Divi 3.0, Design Theory, and More

Divi Nation, Episode 27 – Developer Slava Myznikov on Divi 3.0, Improving Your Dev Skills, and Much More

Divi Nation, Episode 28 – Divi 3.0 Developer Fikri Rasyid Shares His Story and Enthusiasm for Divi


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The Divi Experts

Divi Resources

The Divi Marketplace

Divi Hosting


Divi Community

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DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for some of the products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission which helps cover the cost of the free resources we provide. If you ever have any questions about my affiliations, please do not hesitate to ask..

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