5 Easy Steps To Creating A Child Theme

One of my favorite tools when building a website is Orbisius Child Theme Creator. Sure there are many ways to create a child theme including having one already pre-built and transferring it over to your server via FTP as most developers will suggest.

Of course I recommend you learn how to make a child theme from scratch so that you know what goes into it. But truth be told, that’s not how I learned. I had one built for me the first time and then I started to learn how to use it. But now I keep a blank child theme folder handy for every build. And its as easy as installing any other theme.

But if you are new at this and want a simple, quick and easy alternative, here it is.

Using Orbisius is by far the easiest way to create a child theme with very little effort. You literally just install the plug-in, activate it, choose the parent theme, create the child theme, deactivate and remove the plugin and your done. You are not left with an extra plug-in, any residual plug-in files or broken sites.

Here is how you do it in 5 painless steps.

Lets Get Started

1. Go to Plugins and select Add New

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme


2. Type in the search form: “Child Theme Creator by Orbisius” and select Install Now

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme


3. Select Activate Plugin

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme


4. Select Create Child Theme

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme


5. Using the parent theme you want to make a child theme, check off the following boxes and then select Create Child Theme

  • Switch theme to the new theme after it is created
  • Create a blank functions.php file

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme


That’s it! In 5 painless steps you have created your first child theme. You can check it out by going to Appearance > Editor where you can begin to make all your customizations.

5 Easy Steps to Create a Child Theme



Well that’s all for now. I hope you find this article useful.


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