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Home of the Original Divi Tutorials & Divi Layout Kits.

If you have been working with the Divi theme for more than a year, you know that the folks at Elegant Themes roll out updates almost every other week. Most of the updates are feature updates with fixes and improvements mixed in.

Here is an example of the latest update as of publishing this article.

Stuck in my Divi Ways

If you are like me, and have been using Divi since the day it was released, you may still be married to the Classic Builder on the back end. In fact, the first thing I do when starting a new project, is enable the classic builder.

Is Divi Getting Slower Or Is It Just Me?

In December of 2018, some major functionality improvements were made to the theme core files, including the way the classic builder loads. In the months that followed, many people started experiencing slower and slower performance while trying to work in the back-end, including our team over at Monterey Premier.

In fact, if you sort through the version release notes through June, July, and August, you will see a number fixes related to speed and performance on the back-end. For example, take a look at this version release on 8/15/2019.

While I was confident that this was only a temporary issue that would eventually be corrected, I realized things kept getting slower and slower while working on pages in the back-end on most of the sites that were currently active.

The Latest Divi Builder Experience

Ok, I know it is not necessarily new anymore, but I am an old dog still learning new tricks LOL.

Just yesterday, one of my clients was told to enable the New Builder Experience to speed things up and sure enough, he was right. It made a pretty decent difference on that website. So I tried it on a few more websites and sure enough, it helped quite a bit.

Then this morning, in one of the Divi Facebook groups, there was a long thread of people also at odds with this issue. And before I could respond, Nick Roach, the owner of Elegant Themes, had this to say about it.

Be sure to switch to the new Divi Builder experience. The Classic Builder is getting slower with age. It’s built on old technology that isn’t meant to scale. The new Divi Builder experience is the default experience for Divi and is only active if you have chosen not to switch on an old website. It’s faster and comes with years of new features – Nick Roach

Am I Disappointed With The New Builder Experience?

Not at all. In fact, I love it even more. I rarely use the Visual Builder but using the Wireframe mode in the new Divi Builder is fantastic. So many new options and shortcuts.


For example, check out this view of the Divi Settings.


Getting to see all three tabs in a single view is so time saving for me.

I also love how you can edit section, row and module names without even opening the settings.


If you are like me, and ready to dig into the new builder experience, take a look at this great resource by Elegant Themes.

25 “Hidden” Divi Features to Boost Productivity and Design

In Closing

Since the question keeps coming up, I thought it would be good to share my experience. If you have been using the new builder, and have more quick tips to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


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